Beat the Holiday Rush and Get Our Products In Bulk

December 29, 2020

Beat the Holiday Rush and Get Our Products In Bulk

Beat the Holiday Rush and Get Our Products In Bulk

Some people shop early for the holidays and some wait until the last minute. But for those in e-commerce or medicine, waiting to buy in bulk may mean your customers or patients miss out.


During the holidays, shipping can take longer, and sometimes delays happen. You can't expect regular delivery times, even in the best of circumstances. It's time to beat the holiday rush and get our BIOLabs PRO® products in bulk before it's too late. Your customers and patients will appreciate you having the product on hand.


E-commerce Sales Leading the Way. Are You Ready To Meet Your Customers’ Needs?

According to Statista, roughly 1.92 billion shoppers bought goods and services online in 2019. This translates into 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide in online retail sales in the same year. In 2020, the number of people shopping online has only increased.


The mobile phone has definitely helped boost traffic and sales, but in 2020 COVID-19 made online shopping the new norm. People ordered to stay home or wanting to beat crowded stores turned to online platforms, like BIOLabs PRO®, for all their hormone cream needs.


By June 2020, e-commerce traffic globally hit a record of 22 billion monthly visits for everyday items such as groceries, clothing, and vitamins. 2021 is going to follow the same path of growth.


Due to such a demand, are you ready to meet your customers' needs? It's essential to have enough inventory to meet the growing demand. This is especially true around the holidays when shopping is at its highest for all age groups and products. Also, buying in bulk ensures the best pricing, and no matter how many orders you receive, you'll know you can meet demand.


What Products Does BIOLabs PRO® Offer?

BIOLabs PRO® has a wide range of product choices in high-performance hormone creams. All of our products are made in the U.S.A in an FDA approved facility. The creams are free of parabens and fillers, not tested on animals, and include the highest quality natural ingredients. You can buy and sell these products in the United States without a prescription.


The products are entirely natural, and none of the ingredients have been treated with sterilizing chemicals at any point in the process. The high-performance creams have an herbal infusion of essential oils and herbs for added benefit. We offer the following lotions and vitamins:


  • DHEA Creams
  • Estrogen Creams
  • Progesterone Creams
  • Melatonin Sleep Creams
  • B-12 with L-Arginine Creams
  • Biotin (B7) with Collagen Creams
  • Vitamin D Creams
  • Pregnenolone Creams
  • Pain Relief Creams Creams


BIOLabs PRO® creams are revolutionary. The secret is that they are formulated for transdermal absorption and are five times more effective than pills. Topical creams don't become broken down by your digestive tract as medications do, making them fast-acting and effective.


The pump system is easy to use and provides the highest dose recommended by doctors and health professionals with minimal side effects.


As the top bioidentical supplement company globally, we only offer products that work and transform lives. But don't take our word for it. Our customer reviews reflect the effectiveness of the performance creams. We also work with businesses and doctor offices all over the world, providing strategic Wholesale Partnerships.


What Does The Wholesale Partnership Entail?

The Wholesale Partnership is a win-win for everyone. Depending on your store or office's needs, we have different choices.


Small Business Partnerships

If you have a small store or doctor's office, we offer a Small Business Partnership. It comes with a specific dedicated promo code for 20% off our lowest minimum advertised price (MAP) pricing on all purchases for 10+ products. You can choose to purchase the same 10 creams or mix and match stock-keeping units (SKUs). 


Larger Wholesale Partnerships

For those who need 100 units or more, we can set up a custom wholesale account. We would require an official wholesale agreement to be signed by both parties for these Larger Wholesale Partnerships. This way, everything is transparent and clear while building long-term trust.


Private Label Partnerships

Some businesses or doctors want to sell our products with their label. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for Private Label Partnerships is 100 units. BIOLabs PRO® offers custom formulation, help with designing your products, and multiple sizes. Private Label Partnerships is truly a collaborative process that provides customized branding, pricing, and design.


Can I Sell Your Products On Major Online Retailers?

 Most small businesses and doctor's offices selling on Amazon and eBay have more downsides than sellers realize. First, Amazon is always in control and demands high selling fees. Next, competition is fierce, and the chances of getting your products to the right people are more challenging.


For these reasons and more, we don’t allow wholesale accounts to sell products on major retailers such as Amazon and eBay. However, we do allow our products to be sold on individual websites and brick and mortar stores. In the end, your profit margins are higher, and you are in the driver's seat.


How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?

The time it takes to receive your BIOLabs PRO® order depends on a few different factors. It can take longer for you to receive your order during the holiday season due to shipping delays. Or, if there is a high demand for the product, it may require advanced ordering. Usually, your product is shipped in 1-3 days, depending on the units ordered.


When you submit your order, speak to your account representative about the estimated delivery time. It's always recommended that you order enough to fulfill orders and have stock for unexpected sales.


While our shipments are usually fast, it's crucial that you beat the holiday rush when ordering in bulk. You can stock up for the holiday season and never worry about telling your customers it's on backorder. When you plan ahead, your customers don't have to. Contact BIOLabs PRO® today to learn more about how Wholesale Partnerships can help you grow your busines