Partnership opportunities!

We are always looking for the following:

  • Naturopathic Health Practitioners interested in earning spokesperson or content commissions and that we can trust to send lead referrals to.
  • Researchers, Formulators, and Data Scientists to partner with in creating innovative products; leveraging AI, big data, and other leading edge technologies to help fight sickness, disease and aging together.
  • Wholesale Distribution Partners to get PROformance Creams® and other BIOLabs PRO® products to the world. 

All of our products are available for bulk purchase.  To cater to smaller doctor's offices and natural health clinics, we offer the following *discounts with an order as small as 10 units...  

10-100 units: 20%
100-500 units: 25% 
500-1000 units: 30% 
1000+ units: 35% 

*For all bulk orders and partnership opportunities, please contact us via our contact information below.

Please email,, or call, (760) 297-6942to talk with one of our leadership team to discuss how we can help each other serve the world through Smarter Health & Aging™ solutions.