Partnership opportunities!

We would like to help you!

Are you a doctor looking to receive trusted high-quality leads for your practice?

Do you have a health store and currently sell products from your physical store or website?

Are you a wholesale buyer looking for an innovative category-expanding product line with high reviews and return customers?


We are looking for the following partners:

  • Private Label Partners that would like us to custom formulate or white label some of our existing formulas so you can better serve your retail customers. 
  • Naturopathic Health Practitioners that we can trust to send lead referrals to.
  • Wholesale Distribution Partners to get PROformance Creams® and other BIOLabs PRO® products to the world. 

All of our products are available for bulk purchase...

To cater to doctor offices, natural health clinics, and smaller brick and mortar retailers, we create a custom coupon code for you that you can use on our website for twenty percent off on our lowest advertised prices.

Please email,, or call, (760) 297-6942, to talk with one of our leadership team to discuss how we can help each other serve the world through Smarter Health & Aging™ solutions.