How to Take Advantage of Social Distancing By Selling Online

January 04, 2021

How to Take Advantage of Social Distancing  By Selling Online

How to Take Advantage of Social Distancing
By Selling Online

Small and large business owners have found it hard to practice social distancing when the protocols continue to grow and change. Slow the spread of Covid 19 travel is what the experts recommend. We are told to be patient because once everything returns to normal, it will be business as usual.


But what if we didn’t have to wait for the pandemic to be over? What if you could grow your business by taking advantage of social distancing by selling online? In this article, we’ll tell you what you gain to benefit from an online store.


Take Advantage Of an E-commerce Business

 Most companies have a business website of some sort. It may be only informational to advertise services, not to sell products. However, if you change your business model and website design to add an e-commerce store, you can now sell products online. 

Perhaps, you're a doctor, mostly accepting virtual appointments or consultations. Instead of offering vitamins and supplements in-person, you can direct them to your online store.


Selling online is a huge market for many different kinds of products, but the herbal and supplement market is expected to be worth 230 billion by 2027. It's only going to become more significant with social distancing measures put in place.


Your patients and customers trust you, so they will trust your e-commerce store to fill their health needs. They won’t have to leave the house and can order in seconds.


Selling Online Will Save Your Business

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 20% of all businesses fail in the first year. By year five, 50% of companies fail. Now, add in a pandemic making it extremely difficult to survive, the number of failed businesses only goes up.


But if you switch your business model to selling your products online, it may save your business. Also, the type of business may make a difference. Over 85% of healthcare businesses, according to Visual Capitalist, make it past their first year, and 60% survive to year five. 

BIOLabs PRO® Performance Creams help people with many health conditions, and when you sell them online, it may increase your chances of surviving long term.



Offer New Services and Outreach

One way to take advantage of social distancing by selling online is to devise new ways to reach customers. Being successful online means that you need to change how your customers receive and hear about your products. 


Harness the Power of Social Media

One option is to host virtual events on social media for those stuck at home. Facebook or Instagram Lives are great ways to reach customers and help your business come up in search engines. 

Host a seminar about the benefits of your topical creams or even a webinar for free. Another sales and marketing option is to sell gift cards on social media.


Start a Rewards Program

 In the end, offer a discount code, reward program or membership rewards for new customers. They can earn reward points for purchases that they can use for future products. Card rewards are a strong incentive for many repeat customers and should be a part of your marketing strategy.


On your e-commerce site, add a virtual assistant to answer questions immediately about your product offerings. We live in a culture of now, and fast customer service is key to success.

Add in Educational Resources

 Another advantage of social distancing by selling online is that you can use your e-commerce store as a resource center by offering educational and blog articles or solving pain points and safely promoting your products. 

You can also highlight success stories in the way of product reviews or interviews on your website. All of which gives you authority and trustability.

Offer Curbside Pick-up

You can start to offer curbside pick-up for those who want your product fast and don't want to wait for delivery. Contactless pick-up is an added benefit that your customers will love. 

Communicate Safety Measures to Customers

 Customer care begins with communication. Telling your customers about your safety protocols regarding your products helps maintain and build trust. Social distancing and wearing masks have become politicized, but your top concern is safely delivering your products and services.


As you expand the way you reach your customers and the services you provide, you need to communicate this to your customer base. This will help ensure success.



Expand Your Product Line

 One way to increase online sales is to expand your product line. For example, you can add hand sanitizer or hormone creams to your product list. The more you can offer online, the better.


BIOLabs PRO® has a wide range of Performance Creams, made from all-natural ingredients and proven to work. As the leader in bioidentical hormone creams, we have been selling online successfully for many years.


But now, we offer wholesale agreements with discount pricing for small to large businesses and doctors. We first began by providing DHEA but since then have expanded into estrogen, progesterone, and vitamin D, among other products.


Start Your Private Label Line

 A Private Label Partnership with BIOLabs PRO® offers businesses and doctors the opportunities to take advantage of our product line with your branding. Private labels use our topical cream formulas customized to your distinct brand and customer base. We can help you design and print the labels.


We've spent the time and money developing and testing these products to ensure the highest possible health outcome. Now, you can sell them in your name and practice social distancing. 


In this new normal, it's imperative that you take advantage of social distancing by selling online. Your business needs you to find other revenue streams to earn extra cash. 

Safe social distancing protocols by starting an online store or offering a reward card program may boost sales. Or diversifying your product line by adding topical creams may be the answer you need. 

The new normal will evolve into another new normal, and you'll be poised to succeed. Contact BIOLabs PRO® today to find out how we can help you jumpstart your sales.