Why transdermal supplementation is better

October 07, 2019

Why transdermal supplementation is better

Why transdermal supplementation is better

The traditional approach to vitamins and supplements is to pop a pill and wait for them to kick in. Usually, tablets take about 30-60 minutes to feel the full effect. While taking the traditional route may work for some people, there are better ways to receive your daily vitamins.


Transdermal supplementation is the latest trend in vitamin and hormone delivery methods. Traditional routes take planning and timing while transdermal patches don't require thought and are fast-acting. This article will show why transdermal supplementation is better than the rest.


What is transdermal supplementation?

Transdermal is a method of applying supplements through the skin. Transdermal supplementation technology comes in creams, patches, and sprays. You can think of transdermal patches like a nutritional bandaid that once applied to your skin the vitamins and minerals sink in.


Skin is the largest organ with three layers. It covers and protects the body, and even regenerates when needed. Skin also allows moistures and supplements to permeate the layers in a controlled fashion slowly.


Why transdermal supplementation works 

Transdermal supplementation works cohesively with your skin's natural ability to absorb vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Oral supplementation goes through the digestive system and breaks down vitamins, minerals, and hormones before reaching other parts of the body.


Fast and Effective

The most crucial benefit of transdermal supplementation is the immediate bloodstream delivery while bypassing the liver's metabolic and filtering mechanism. Your skin absorbs vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream. 


At that point, your blood transports the supplement through the circulatory system and body. Transdermal application is fast and effective and can take as little as 10-15 minutes to be absorbed. 


Gradual Application 

When you take a large and single dose, as you do with oral supplements, you may lose the benefit of gradual release. Transdermal methods allow for a small, continuous, and progressive release through your skin into the bloodstream.


When you utilize the skin’s natural barrier properties, you achieve steadier blood levels compared to most oral medications or injectables.


Bypasses the Digestive System 

Another benefit to a transdermal application is that it avoids the digestive system. The environment in your digestive tract is acidic. When you ingest a pill, powder, or liquid, it's broken down by the acid in the stomach.


While it may seem like a simple process, breaking down pills takes work and diminishes the effectiveness of the supplement ingested. Plus, transdermal supplementation avoids the gastrointestinal tract, which may reduce any possible side effects.


Easier to remember

Habit formation is more natural with transdermal supplementation. Research shows that applying a patch or cream once is more comfortable to remember than taking oral supplements. Men and women who take daily oral supplements prefer the simplicity of rubbing on the cream before bed.


Transdermal supplementation uses your skin’s absorption and protective qualities to deliver vitamins and minerals safely and effectively. You’ll love the ease and performance of the transdermal method, making the choice much better than other more traditional routes.