Why White Labeling with BIOLabs PRO is the Way To Go?

January 05, 2023

Why White Labeling with BIOLabs PRO is the Way To Go?

Are you interested in white labeling but unsure about the process or whom to choose? We can understand that concern. We were once a small business and knew that we needed to manufacture the hormones and have our own label. This article will examine why white labeling with BIOLabs Pros is the way to go. 

Exceptional Services

BIOLabs Pro can offer everything from custom formulation to help with branding and printing. We are a one-stop shop with years of experience. We pride ourselves on providing turnkey services from beginning to end. 

Custom Formulation Available

For years, we’ve perfected our hormone cream recipe for a wide range of hormones, including progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and more. But we understand that your business may require a specialized blend of hormones and natural ingredients.

Since we manufacture hormones, we can also offer custom formulations. We can work with you to produce your unique blend. Once we finalize the recipe, you only need a white label with BIOLabs Pro.

Low Minimum Order

Many companies that offer white labeling require a high minimum purchase. We value our wholesale partners and understand that sometimes less is more. BIOLabs Pro wants to build a long-term relationship, so we will work with you to determine the right amount to order. If this means you order less, we can still provide you with the right amount with a white label. 

Superior FDA-Registered Facility

Producing all-natural products requires expertise and attention to detail. For these reasons, we only manufacture our products in an FDA-registered facility in the U.S. Each facility is inspected by FDA quality control agents who make sure that we follow strict manufacturing guidelines. We proudly manufacture in the USA knowing that we can guarantee the highest quality at an affordable price. Other hormone companies may produce their hormones internationally without a guarantee of standards. 

Unique Label Design and Printing

White labeling requires label design and printing. BIOLabs Pro can help you with your unique design with logo, colors, and other requirements. While you think it’s easy to design a label, having an expert help you saves time and money in the long run.

Not only can we provide formula customized labels, we can also help with the printing. Having your own branding on your white label gives you authority and truly makes the product your own in the long run. 

Quick Turnaround Time

The saying time is money is something we take seriously at BIOLabs Pro. For this reason, we offer fast turnaround times for custom orders. When we first begin to talk, we’ll look at when you need it and how we can help you reach your goal. Sometimes shipping can be an issue, but we try to guarantee a day that can work for both parties. 

BIOLabs Pro Custom Formulas

Another reason why white labeling with BIOLabs Pro is the way to go is that we not only can customize a formula, you can also use our proven effective hormone formulas. It can take years to create a customized hormone product that works. We’ve done all the work and spent all the money to do so. You can use our hormone formulas with your own white label and branding. Our Proformance Creams come in the following:

  • DHEA
  • Estrogen
  • Estradiol
  • DHEA
  • Vitamin D
  • Pregnenolone
  • Biotin
  • Pain relief creams
  • Combination creams

You can pick and choose between lines when you order our hormone creams in bulk. You can offer a wide variety of hormone creams for your clients. 

All-natural Hormone Cream Formula

BIOLabs Pro makes all-natural hormone creams with tons of outstanding reviews. Our ingredients are pure, plant-based and infused with essential oils. The non-greasy formula soaks softly into the skin, leaving it nourished and soft. A lot of bioidentical hormone creams come packed with parabens, synthesized chemicals, and preservatives.

Big pharmaceutical companies can value profit over quality and don’t take pride in what’s in the formula. BIOLabs Pro offers all natural hormone creams that work. As our partner, you can take advantage of our award-winning formulas. 

Turnkey Service

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, BIOLabs Pro offers turnkey service. We can help you formulate a customized formula and help with branding and label printing. From the beginning to the end of the white labeling process, we can support you throughout the process. You can create a white label in a short amount of time with BIOLabs Pro as your guide. It truly is turnkey service. 

Excellent Customer Service

BIOLabs Pro wouldn’t be able to offer turnkey service without having excellent customer service in place. Each white label account works with an account representative to determine needs and this person will support you along the way. Our excellent customer service will make the process easy. 

Designer Hormone Bottle

We believe in all natural products that are easy to use. Our designer bottles come in a one-pump system that delivers the exact amount needed. The one-pump makes it hard to over supplement while providing the nourishing hormone boost the person needs. The bottles are compact, don’t leak, and are easy to transport.

We also offer a 3.6 ounce luxury bottle that comes in a 3-month supply of product. This way, the patient or client has the right amount needed for a longer period of time. 

White Labeling with BIOLabs Pro IS the Way to Go

Okay, we went into a lot of detail about why white labeling with BIOLabs Pro is the only way to go, but let’s review why we are the best. 

Turnkey services that provides the following benefits:

  • Super fast turnaround time
  • Customized hormone formulation
  • Low minimum hormone order
  • Ability to mix and match hormone creams
  • Superior customer service
  • Labels design, branding, and printing
  • Formulas manufactured in a FDA-registered U.S. Facility
  • All natural formula without chemicals, parabens, or preservatives
  • Maximum amounts delivered easily

We know that making the leap with white labeling comes with many questions. Get in touch today to find out how BIOLabs Pro lives up to its promise.