Why So Many Naturopathic Doctors are Choosing BIOLabs PRO

January 05, 2023

Why So Many Naturopathic Doctors are Choosing BIOLabs PRO

Naturopathic doctors are leaders in alternative medicine and look for the least invasive and less toxic treatments they can find. BIOLabs Pro has similar principles to naturopathic doctors regarding bioidentical hormone treatment. For this reason and more, so many naturopathic doctors are choosing BIOLabs Pro. 


Treat the Whole Person


It is so easy to treat the symptoms rather than identify and treat the causes. Like naturopathic doctors, BIOLabs Pro treats the whole person by providing all-natural hormonal treatment that goes to the cause of the hormone imbalance.

We understand that low hormones are responsible for many uncomfortable symptoms, from hot flashes to depression. The skin soaks up the hormone creams through the dermis to the bloodstream. The natural hormones enter the bloodstream to connect with awaiting receptors all over the body to deliver complete hormone rejuvenation. In essence, the whole body is treated at the source.

Blend of Traditional Treatment with Natural Remedies

BIOLabs Pro, like naturopathic doctors, blends traditional treatment with natural remedies. Conventional hormone treatment is common, but BIOLabs Pro only offers all-natural products without synthesized chemicals and unhealthy additives. The healing power of nature is activated with our hormone creams.

Our entire product line is available without a prescription, but under the guidance of a doctor can be ideal. This is one of the reasons why so many naturopathic doctors are choosing BIOLabs Pro. 

Trusted Source of Hormones

BIOLabs Pro harnesses the healing power of nature, making it a trusted source of hormones for naturopathic doctors. For over a decade, we've been a leader in alternative hormone cream treatment for men and women. The CEO and owner, Matt Skamser, experienced massive hormone depletion. After much trial and error, he discovered that he was low in testosterone and DHEA. DHEA is considered a precursor hormone to testerone. He tried many different traditional hormone creams, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until he discovered DHEA creams made with the purest ingredients that his body shifted. At that point, he knew that he wanted to help others and started BIOLabs Pro. 


Cleanest Ingredients


Using unnatural ingredients in hormone supplements can be more economical and toxic. Chemicals and preservatives may extend the product's life cycle but also may be less effective and cause other problems. Naturopathic doctors look for natural remedies that treat symptoms at the source with pure ingredients. BIOLabs Pro has the same principle and only manufactures products with all-natural ingredients. 

As Mother Nature intended, our entire hormone line doesn't use paragons, preservatives, or synthesized chemicals. Our main hormone ingredient is wild yams, not equine urine or horse urine, in layman's terms. We also infuse soothing essential oils like lavender or add the power of coconut oil and other body-soothing elements. 

Naturopathic clients can be reassured that what we say is in the treatment is really in the bottle, and it doesn't take a dictionary to understand the label. Our hormone creams are the top of the line with the cleanest ingredients you can find. 

Customized Formulas 

While we spent years mastering our hormone cream formulas, we understand that sometimes the doctor knows best. For this reason, we can work with naturopathic doctors to create a customized bioidentical formula based on science. 

Customized formulas can be produced in large quantities with advanced notice. Then, the doctor works with a BIOLabs expert to craft the perfect all-natural hormone cream that provides the nourishment people need to help boost hormones. 

Wide-Selection of Proformance Creams

BIOLabs Pro offers a wide-selection of hormone creams for naturopathic doctors to choose from. We offer the following hormone supplements. 

Progest Creams
DHEA Creams
Estriol Creams
Combination Creams
Vitamin D Creams
Pregnenolone Creams
Pain relief Creams
Biotin with Collagen
B-12 with L-Arginine

BIOLabs Pro is a one stop shop for all hormone needs. 

Ability to Mix and Match

Naturopathic doctors love to mix and match hormone creams. For this reason, BIOLabs Pro is a natural choice. Other companies require the client to order the same cream with a large minimum order. Not at BIOLabs Pro. Health professionals can choose between our hormone lines. For example, you can order our estriol cream with our progesterone cream. 

The hormone combinations are unlimited, and we offer a low minimum order for those who don't need a large quantity immediately. In fact, naturopathic doctors who may have ordered a small amount at first order a large amount the second time. Our products are really that good. 

Label Design and Printing 

White labeling is an excellent way to customize your own hormone product line. You can take advantage of our superior, all-natural formulas with your name and branding on the label. We can work with you to design a label using your colors, logo, and style. 

Our in-house designers are experienced working with naturopathic doctors and understand how to listen and create following your brand ideals. In addition to label design, we can assist with the printing and manufacturing of the hormones. The end product is a sophisticated bottle with pure, natural hormones in your name. 

Designer Bottle 

While the bottle may not seem as important as other elements of a hormone cream, it can make a difference in the happiness of your clients. As with our hormone recipes, we also tested many different bottle types to settle on our easy-to-use one-pump system. This ensures that the patient doesn't use too much or too little. 

After all, the right amount matters when it comes to hormone treatment. Our bottles are also compact, easy to carry and don't leak. The designer bottles can be thrown in a bag, purse, or luggage. The creams blend in with other toiletries and fit compactly on a shelf. But, in the end, it's the delivery system that works well that matters. 

Excellent Customer Service

As a trusted hormone manufacturer, we strive to provide the best customer service possible. We understand that every naturopathic doctor deserves white glove service, and our goal is to exceed expectations. Naturopathic doctors choose BIOLabs Pro for our health-proven hormone creams and our belief that natural medicine works. Get in touch today to find out more.