Wholesale Topical Hormones

June 01, 2022

Wholesale Topical Hormones

Hormone replacement therapy comes in different forms, and one of them is wholesale topical hormones. Hormonal imbalance affects men and women of all ages, particularly perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women. Regular topical hormones are effective but are higher priced than wholesale topical hormones. 

Why Choose Wholesale Topical Hormones

There are many reasons to choose wholesale topical hormones, from the cost savings to the customer service. Below we'll go deeper into the benefits. 

Better Pricing for Bulk Orders

Bioidentical hormones at wholesale prices mean that you can turn a profit easier. Hormone replacement can be costly without a prescription, but you'll save money if you purchase hormone creams in bulk. Then, you can either keep that profit to grow your business or pass the savings on to your customers. 

Superior Topical Hormone Products

BIOLabs Pro offers topical hormone replacement therapy that beats the competition. We have invested thousands of dollars in developing and manufacturing our hormone creams to the highest standards. Due to this, we have become a hormone manufacturing leader in the United States. In addition, customer reviews and testimonials prove that our products are superior to the competition. 

Clean Ingredients

Estrogen deficiency is a severe condition that affects a person's quality of life. Compared to synthetic hormones, hormones balanced with natural ones provide the best possible treatment. Unfortunately, most hormone replacement therapies use artificial sources that aren't natural. BIOLabs Pro only uses natural hormones that mimic the same hormones produced in the body. 

We never put parabens, sulfates, or chemicals in our signature formulas. We believe in natural health that boosts hormones naturally rather than through unnatural sources that may only cause undue side effects. 

Hormone Industry Leader

BIOLags Pro hormone products are top of the line and proven effective. But, we got into the hormone business because it was personal. Matt Skamer the CEO and founder of BIOLabs Pro, suffered from low hormone levels for many years. He tried countless synthetic brands without success. 

He spent years with low energy and depression, only to realize that he needed to develop his own brand of hormones to help others like him. With this mission in mind, he started BioLabs Pro and embarked on a journey that not only helped him overcome his low hormone levels but countless others. 

Manufactured in an FDA-Approved Facility

Quality control is essential for hormone manufacturing. This is why BioLabs Pro only produces topical hormones in an FDA-Approved facility to prevent adverse events and keep to strict standards. Our customized compounded formulas come with a guarantee of quality that other compounding pharmacies cannot give customers. 

Customized Hormone Formulas

The one-sized all approach health care professionals sometimes take when it comes to bioidentical hormone therapy does not work for everyone. Instead, using evidence-based medicine and available data, you may have a specific hormone formula for your patients to help provide the treatment they need. 

BIOLabs Pro can work with you to create custom formulas unique to your specifications. Or you can white label one of our current topical hormone offerings. We have years of experience developing and manufacturing topical hormones, so we can offer our knowledge and expertise to create a specialized formula just for you. 

Private Labels for Your Business

We can offer private labels for your hormone products along with customized formulas. We have a staff of designers ready to help you create a professional label. We can design the label together and add your logo, fonts, and colors to follow your organization's branding and aim it at your customer base. Branded marketing helps grow your business and improve sales. 

Fast Topical Hormone Shipping 

In the current marketplace, shipping can sometimes be a challenge. However, we promise to deliver the bioidentical topical hormones as fast as possible. We understand how important it is to provide the promised goods to your patients and customers. 

Excellent Customers Service 

Along with fast shipping, we strive to provide superior customer service from beginning to end. Our turnkey service includes:

  • Having a dedicated account representative who can work with you when ordering.
  • Designing a private label.
  • All elements of the shopping experience. 

Types of Topical Hormones

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy mimics the same missing hormones in the body with ones that are the same as the missing ones. Your body doesn't know the difference. But what's low for one person may not be low for the other. BIOLabs Pro has an extensive lineup of wholesale topical hormones to help with any health conditions related to low hormones. 

We offer progesterone cream by itself or a combination cream with both estrogen and progesterone. But the selection doesn't stop there. We also provide topical hormones for the following: 

  • Performance combination hormone creams. These combo creams infuse different hormones together to attack low hormone symptoms at the source.

  • Luxury Creams. Instead of a 2-month supply, these have a 3-month supply in our luxury 3.6 oz bottle. 

  • DHEA Creams

  • Progest Creams

  • Estro Creams

  • Vitamin D Creams

  • B-12 with L-arginine 

  • Pregnenolone Creams

  • Biotin (B12) with Collagen 

  • Pain Relief Creams 

Each of these hormone creams has a specific formula and infuses essential oils. All of the ingredients are natural and proven to work. 

Health Benefits of Topical Hormones

Medical evidence shows that the effects of estrogen or hormone supplementation help improve a hormone deficiency. While it can't get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, it improves total body care by targeting the following:

  • Fights hair loss and encourages hair growth
  • Improves overall sense of well being
  • Helps boost weight loss
  • Improves muscle mass and strength
  • Helps alleviate menopausal symptoms from low estrogen levels

Above are just some of the benefits of topical hormones. Benefits will vary depending on the type of hormone taken and the individual's health needs. 

Ready to Begin?

Hormone therapy is safe and effective. At BIOLabs Pro, we can offer a turnkey experience for all our wholesale topical hormones. We believe in excellent customer service combined with a high-quality product. So get in touch today to begin your wholesale journey.