Private Label Topical Hormones

June 01, 2022

Private Label Topical Hormones

It would be best to have a menopausal hormone therapy that works when you have a hormonal balance. However, suppose you're a doctor's office or business that works with people who need a custom compounded formula. In that case, you want a private label topical hormone. At BIOLabs Pro, we offer various topical hormones from natural progesterone to DHEA. All of which can have a private label to match your company values and logo. 

What is a private label?

Okay, a private label, in a nutshell, is taking your brand's fonts, color, and logo and putting it on a customized hormone therapy formula. It's different from an affiliate program where you sell another company's hormone products and receive a commission for each unit sold. 

From a customer perspective, the topical hormone is developed and manufactured by you, not a third party. So, a private label gives you authority and expertise. 

Benefits of Private Label Topical Hormones

Besides boosting hormone levels for your customers, investing in private label topical hormones come with some key benefits. 

Hormone Manufacturer Industry Leader

You can find a few bioidentical hormone therapy manufacturers with websites, but choosing the best is critical. BIOLabs Pro is an industry leader and offers a wide-selection of hormone offerings. But what can truly set you apart is having a private label along with an excellent product.  

Private Labels Branded Marketing 

One of the most significant benefits of private label topical hormones is the ability to offer branded marketing. You can design a label that fits your unique brand with colors, fonts, and wording. Plus, you can add any health information you desire.

Since the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) clinical trial, some healthcare professionals have voiced concerns about estrogen treatment. 

Initially, experts believed that compounding pharmacies' natural hormone treatments resulted in a higher risk for blood clots, heart attacks, endometrial cancer, heart disease, and breast cancer. But this breast cancer risk or cancer risk was only slightly higher for women ten years past menopause. Yet this also surged people's interest in compounded bioidenticals and other natural hormone treatments. 

Custom Formulation 

Compounded hormone medication can include custom formulation or white label existing formulas. All BIOLabs Pro specialized formulas only contain natural ingredients and not conjugated estrogens from horse urine, but you can create any topical hormone formula you desire for your private label. We will work with you to provide the highest quality compounded bioidentical hormone formula on the market today. 

Low Minimums

Most of the time, when you order wholesale, you have to worry about ordering a large quantity. Not with BIOLabs Pro's hormone creams and lotions. We offer commercially available topical hormones with low minimums. 

We like to think of them as savings cards for our customers when they order in bulk. We understand that you may need to order more than the average customer but not more than you can afford. So, we offer a lower minimum than most hormone manufacturers and can work with you to find the right amount at the right price. 

Turnkey Service

When you go to a nice hotel, you find the room clean and ready. We have the same philosophy at BIOLabs Pro. We offer turnkey service for all of our customers. This means that we work with you and try to find the best possible private label topical hormones for your business. In addition, we provide private label design and printing for your replacement therapy needs. 

We work with you and offer design expertise and guidance to produce a label that fits your brand at a price point that works for everyone involved. Turnkey means for us that you're satisfied from the very beginning, and this satisfaction never ends. We believe in our products and services and know you will too. 

Superior Customer Service

Nothing is worse than bad customer service. Most customers never return and tell a friend or two. We understand this and believe in providing the best customer service for all our hormone replacement products. We aren't corporate America but rather a growing company that knows customer service is key to success. You can trust that BIOLabs Pro will offer you customer satisfaction every single time. 

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs)

All of our hormone medications come with CGMP guarantees. YOu can rest assured that all the hormone preparations have the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stamp of approval for high quality and satisfaction. We only manufacture our private label topical hormones in FDA-approved facilities. 

Variety of Hormone Replacement Therapy Options 

Spice is the variety of life, and our traditional hormone offerings include a wide variety of transdermal creams. Topical Creams are superior to other forms of supplementation such as vaginal creams, tablets, or vaginal suppositories. 

We only offer topical hormones applied directly to the skin without worrying about vaginal bleeding or other side effects. Our topical cream inventory includes progesterone, estrogen, DHEA, testosterone, and more. 

Benefits of Topical Hormones

Hormone replacement therapy comes with much misinformation. For example, the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study outcomes falsely spread the idea that hormone replacement therapy increased the risk for blood clots, stroke, and other health concerns. 

While any hormone therapy has risks, evidence shows that hormone therapy can treat menopausal symptoms, such as night sweats, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. It can also provide pain relief. The benefits of topical hormones are vast, and your business can help people not to suffer anymore. 

Yet hormone treatment isn't just for menopause. Men can benefit from boosting testosterone levels, and both men and women need DHEA and pregnenolone to increase other hormones. Compounded hormones are the key to life, and severe side effects will occur without normalized hormone levels. Remember the benefits usually far surpass the risks. 

Interested in Private Label Topical Hormones?

Now is the time to invest in private label topical hormones. We offer the best on the market and work with you to find the right hormone creams for your customers. So get in touch today to find out how we can help you.