Q. How do I know for sure that your products will increase my hormone levels?

- BIOLabs PRO® products are technically vitamin and supplement creams and cosmetic beauty creams. We do not implicitly or explicitly guarantee that someone’s Estrogen, Progesterone, Vitamin D or other levels will be raised with any of our products. We are not doctors and cannot recommend specific health and supplement creams to you or give you medical advice. We also do not guarantee that the product will treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

However, what you can do is check out the ingredients and do some research to see if they will help you in any way. You can also ask your doctor for advice on if you should use a certain product. We do recommend that you get your hormone levels tested and speak to a physician before buying any of our products.

Q.  Do you ship these products internationally?

- We are pleased to announce that we are shipping international once again!

Click HERE to check out our international shipping policy.

Q.  Is it safe to take these products?

-First and foremost, we at BIOLabs PRO®, are not doctors and cannot give you medical advice.  For most of our products we recommend that you seek the advice of a Doctor practicing functional medicine or an Endocrinologist.  

We DO NOT use "synthetic" hormones whatsoever!  Synthetic hormones, like Estrogen, have been linked to cancer in a study published in the 1980's.  Also, one of the most popular Estrogen drugs is called, Premarin, which is derived from Pregnant Mare urine.  

In contrast, we ONLY use natural plant-based in our products.  All of our bioidentical cosmetic creams are naturally derived from wild yam.

Natural products in topical form have been linked to helping with symptoms of menopause and aging in men and women for years.  Most athletic organizations ban hormones in athletes strictly because it makes their bodies perform and recover faster, something we all can use as we get older.

Q.  What if I do not see results with one of your products or have a bad reaction? What is your return policy?

We stand behind our products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your BIOLabs PRO® products after a year from the day you received your product, we offer a full refund. Upon receipt, we will refund your purchase or exchange the bottles, your choice. We take all the risk out of ordering by offering an unmatched satisfaction guarantee. We'll always do our best to take care of you. For more information refer to our Refund policy page.

Q.  Are your products soy and gluten-free?

 -  We have strived to create a paraben free, toxin free, nonGMO, Natural product with no soy, gluten or other allergens... however, we do not have an independent third party allergen test report to confirm or deny if there is gluten in the product. The ingredients listed are non-gluten by nature.

Q. Should I cycle on and off the DHEA 50?

- Due to this being a maximum strength product we do in fact recommend that after using the product for 60 days to cycle off for 2 weeks before starting to use it again. 

Q. Where do you manufacture your products?

-  All of our products manufactured here in the USA, in an FDA approved facility.

 Q. How long will your products last?

-  We have tested each bottle at 70+ pumps, and recommend one pump per day. At one pump per day, a two-month supply is a fair claim that we can state confidently.

Q. Where is the best place on my body to apply your products?

-  For maximum effectiveness, it should be applied to the layers of skin on your body that are the thinnest such as the inner arms or behind the knees. The reasoning for this revolves around the speed in which the creams are able to absorb into your body. 

Q. Do your creams leave the user greasy or sticky?

 -  We find that If someone is ever left feeling greasy or sticky, it's usually due to the user applying more then the recommended dosage. Our creams are very concentrated and each ingredient is beneficial to the user. With this to be said, our product goes a long way so don't over apply. The more product you use, the longer it takes to absorb through the skin. 

Q. How many pumps a day should I be using?

-  The recommended amount of pumps is located on the bottle. The amount of pumps varies from product to product. 

Q. Can I use your Progest creams if I'm not menopausal?

-  Absolutely! Many men and women use our Progest creams to simply fight aging, increase energy and balance their overall mood.

Q. Where are your cosmetic creams derived from? 

-  Our bioidentical cosmetic creams are all derived from wild yam. It is not soy based or synthetic in any way. 

Q. What natural herbs are in your blend of essential herbs and oils that you list on your products?

- The brand name is "Herbal active" but we use the term "A Proprietary Blend of Essential oils and Herbs" on our labels. Herbal-Active® is manufactured under license by Australian Functional Ingredients Pty, Ltd and is a functional flavor mixture made from essential oils from culinary herbs and spices (eg rosemary, star anise, cinnamon) bound onto wild crafted Acacia gum from sub-Saharan Africa. The essential oils have been either steam distilled or extracted with sub-critical CO2. The product is natural and none of the components have been irradiated or treated with sterilizing chemicals in any way. All components are GMO-free. Herbal-Active® is self-affirmed USFDA GRAS as each of the component flavors are within the range found in foods when the product is used at up to 3%. Typical usage for Herbal-Active® is in the range of 0.02 to 1%. The functionality compares with caramel in beverages, hops in beer and other food ingredients which are both flavors and antimicrobial in effect. Products using Herbal-Active® have been certified organic by Australian organic certifiers.

Q. Do you ship to all 50 states?

- Yes we do!


 Q. Do you have safety information on your products?

- Yes, in fact, we have material safety data sheets readily available for anyone wanting to read more about our products. To request a material safety data sheet for a specific product, please email us at info@biolabspro.com.

Q. Why are your Vitamin D creams so strong? Is it safe to take that much Vitamin D?

- Due to a misleading article by WebMD and other misleading information online, others have also expressed their concerns about the Vitamin D dosage in the 15000IU cream.  However, to dispel those myths, I would like to cite a 7-year clinical study that concludes the following, "In summary, long-term supplementation with vitamin D3 in doses ranging from 5000 to 50,000 IUs/day appears to be safe."
Please reference the study yourself here, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30611908.
Furthermore, in three years of selling this particular product we have not had one occurrence of nausea or anything that would indicate hypervitaminosis.  You can rest assured that this product is safe even at the high dosage level. 

 Q. Are your products vegan? 

- In fact all our products are vegan except our Vitamin D creams which is derived from lambskin, however we are constantly working with our lab to make these creams vegan. We will happy happy to let our customers know when this has happened. 

Q.  What if I do not get 70 pumps from one bottle as advertised?

- When these products are manufactured in the lab, we do test bottles from every batch for purity and to make sure the pumps are consistently giving 60-70 pumps per bottle.  However, depending on how people use them they can vary slightly.

For specifics about how much "active ingredients" you are getting per pump, we calculate the ingredients on a per bottle basis and do our best to transparently state on the bottle how much of the main ingredients you are getting per pump.

For example, for our Progest creams, we advertise that the P75 has 4500 milligrams progesterone per bottle, the P50 has 3000 milligrams of Progesterone per bottle.

We calculate the estimated active ingredient per pump by dividing that amount per bottle by 60.  Some bottles produce 55 pumps, some 70, so we use the number 60 as a low average since that would indicate a two month supply at one pump per day. 

This is where the "75 milligrams per pump" dosage comes from for the P75 and the "50 milligrams per pump" dosage comes from for the P50.