Q.  What if I do not see results with one of your products or have a bad reaction? What is your return policy?

-  We stand behind our products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your BIOLabs PRO® products after a year from the day you received your product, we offer a full refund. Upon receipt, we will refund your purchase or exchange the bottles, your choice. We take all the risk out of ordering by offering an unmatched satisfaction guarantee. We'll always do our best to take care of you. For more information refer to our Refund policy page.

Q.  Are your products soy and gluten-free?

 -  We have strived to create a paraben free, toxin free, nonGMO, All Natural product with no soy, gluten or other allergens... however, we do not have an independent third party allergen test report to confirm or deny if there is gluten in the product. The ingredients listed are non-gluten by nature.

Q. Should I cycle on and off the DHEA 50?

- Due to this being a maximum strength product we do in fact recommend that after using the product for 60 days to cycle off for 2 weeks before starting to use it again. 

Q. Where do you manufacture your products?

-  All of our products manufactured here in the USA, in an FDA approved facility.

 Q. How long will your products last?

-  We have tested each bottle at 70+ pumps, and recommend one pump per day. At one pump per day, a two-month supply is a fair claim that we can state confidently.

Q. Where is the best place on my body to apply your products?

-  For maximum effectiveness, it should be applied to the layers of skin on your body that are the thinnest such as the inner arms or behind the knees. The reasoning for this revolves around the speed in which the creams are able to absorb into your body. 

Q. Do your creams leave the user greasy or sticky?

 -  We find that If someone is ever left feeling greasy or sticky, it's usually due to the user applying more then the recommended dosage. Our creams are very concentrated and each ingredient is beneficial to the user. With this to be said, our product goes a long way so don't over apply. The more product you use, the longer it takes to absorb through the skin. 

Q. How many pumps a day should I be using?

-  The recommended amount of pumps is located on the bottle. The amount of pumps varies from product to product. 

Q. Can I use your Progesterone creams if I'm not menopausal?

-  Absolutely! Many men and women use our Progesterone creams to simply fight aging, increase energy and balance their overall mood.

Q. What are your Progesterone creams derived from? 

-  This Progesterone is bioidentical and derived from wild yam extract. It is not soy based or synthetic in any way. 

Q. What natural herbs are in your blend of essential herbs and oils that you list on your products?

- The brand name is "Herbal active" but we use the term "A Proprietary Blend of Essential oils and Herbs" on our labels. Herbal-Active® is manufactured under license by Australian Functional Ingredients Pty, Ltd and is a functional flavor mixture made from essential oils from culinary herbs and spices (eg rosemary, star anise, cinnamon) bound onto wild crafted Acacia gum from sub-Saharan Africa. The essential oils have been either steam distilled or extracted with sub-critical CO2. The product is natural and none of the components have been irradiated or treated with sterilizing chemicals in any way. All components are GMO-free. Herbal-Active® is self-affirmed USFDA GRAS as each of the component flavors are within the range found in foods when the product is used at up to 3%. Typical usage for Herbal-Active® is in the range of 0.02 to 1%. The functionality compares with caramel in beverages, hops in beer and other food ingredients which are both flavors and antimicrobial in effect. Products using Herbal-Active® have been certified organic by Australian organic certifiers.

Q. Do you ship to all 50 states?

- Yes we do!

Q.  Is it legal to sell Progesterone, DHEA, and Pregnenolone?

- These products are completely legal to sell in topical form in the United States.  Dhea was made legal to sell as part of the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

DHEA and Pregnenolone are not legal to sell in certain countries like Canada, Brazil, the UK and Russia, for instance.  However, we are not experts in International Law and we recommend that you do the research yourself or your order may get stuck in customs and returned back to BIOLabs PRO.

Q.  Is Dhea and 7-Keto Dhea legal to take for athletes?

- DHEA is not a controlled substance, but DHEA and its chemical relatives are all on the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of substances prohibited for use by athletes at all time (in and out of competition). If you are an athlete, please do your own research. For further reference, please see links such as the following:




Q.  Is it legal to sell Estrogen in the United States?

- Bio-identical Estrogen in the form of Estradiol and Estriol, are legal to sell in the United States in topical form.  

Q. Is it ok to mix and match your products?

- Technically we do not have any compounded formulas currently where we mix progesterone and estrogen or progesterone and DHEA, things like that. However, the lab says its Ok if you do that yourself, it shouldn't affect the potency of the individual active ingredients. Just be sure to know how much of each product you are mixing together and make sure that will suffice for your needs. Keep in mind that these bottles are 3oz in size and good for travel by themselves, however, we can understand not wanting to travel with three or four extra bottles if you can combine into one. 

Q.  Is it safe to apply the products vaginally?

- For best absorption, for women, a vaginal application is fine for all of our hormone creams, specifically.  These are All Natural, Bio-identical and safe to take anywhere.  Or if you are more comfortable, inner arms, stomach or thighs.  We also recommend applying after a shower where the skin is cleanest and can absorb better.  We usually recommend a night application or anytime after a shower, whether morning or night.  For some of our products like DHEA or B12 that gives people extra energy sometimes you may not want to use that at night.

Q. Do you have safety information on your products?

- Yes, in fact, we have material safety data sheets readily available for anyone wanting to read more about our products. To request a material safety data sheet for a specific product, please email us at info@biolabspro.com.

Q. Why are your Vitamin D creams so strong? Is it safe to take that much Vitamin D?

Some websites say that you should only take 500 - 2000IU daily, however, 5,000-10,000IU is about the equivalent to spending an hour in the sun which is typically a safe amount of Vitamin D for adults. The symptom of too much Vitamin D is nausea and if you are experiencing this then stop the product and seek medical attention. However, in all our time on the market, we haven't had any issues or complaints regarding too high of potency. 

 Q. Are your products vegan? 

- In fact all our products are vegan except our Vitamin D creams which is derived from lambskin, however we are constantly working with our lab to make these creams vegan. We will happy happy to let our customers know when this has happened.