Wholesale Progesterone Cream

April 11, 2022

Wholesale Progesterone Cream

If you're looking for wholesale progesterone cream, you've come to the right place. Our natural progesterone is a body cream that attacks low hormone symptoms at the source. It's proven to be effective with minimal side effects. Below are important reasons why BioLabs PRO progesterone creams are right for your business.

Best Natural Progesterone Cream On the Market

BioLabs leads the way when it comes to feminine care. Our hormone creams only source natural progesterone that's proven to work on women of all ages. The first reason has to do with only using the highest-quality ingredients possible.

Cleanest Ingredients

People want the best progesterone they can find without harmful side effects. So, choosing a progesterone with natural ingredients is important. Most other progestins are synthetic and contain equine or horse urine. People would rather not ingest horse urine when there are more natural and yet still effective progesterone creams. 

BioLabs Pro wholesale progesterone creams infuses wild yams with other source naturals, such as aloe vera, vitamin E, and seed oil. Retinol is also added to some progesterone formulas for supercharged skin and beauty boost. The unique formula has no fillers, artificial or harmful ingredients. The result is a progesterone cream with maximized transdermal bioavailability. 

Optimal Selection

The BioLabs Pro progestin lineup includes a wide selection of high-quality creams. Each one is optimized to help alleviate symptoms of low estrogen. In addition, we offer the following choices: 

  • BIOLabs PRO® P75 Maxx with Retinol - All Natural Progest 75mg Cream™ 
  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Progesterone P50 Maxx Cream 
  • BIOLabs PRO® Natural Progest 25mg Cream
  • BIOLabs PRO® Natural Progest Cream P75 MAXX (Lavender)
  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Progesterone P50 Maxx Cream 3.6oz

All the choices are formulated for maximum absorption and applied directly to the skin. In addition, each bottle has a one-pump system making it easy to use the correct dose.

FDA-Approved Facility 

All the wholesale progesterone creams are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the U.S.A. This certification guarantees that the facility meets the highest possible standards for production in the United States. 

Professional Strength 

The Biolabs PRO natural progesterone creams are professional strength without a prescription. Therefore, you can be assured that each application will deliver the highest amount listed on the label. Professional power means it's the strongest, most effective natural progesterone on the market. 


While pills may seem easy to take, they bother many people. They can be bulky, hard to swallow and come with a terrible aftertaste. Transdermal creams don't have this effect. In fact, they are simple to apply and soothe the senses rather than disrupt them. Topical creams also bypass the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream quicker, making them faster-acting without losing potency. 

Wholesale Pricing 

Wholesale prices come with a discount at BIOLabs Pro. The more you purchase, the bigger the discount. We believe in forging life-long business relationships and offering a fair price. You can also mix and match. For example, you can choose to order any of the different progesterone creams you need at the number right from you. Also, when we have promotions, you can further lock in the savings.

Private Label

Another benefit of partnering with BIOLabs Pro is the option for a private label. You benefit from offering our progesterone creams with your logo and branding. We'll work with you to help with the label design from beginning to end. Some of our partners want to be seen as a leader in hormone creams but still offer the best progesterone available on the market. The answer is a private label.

Fast Shipping 

While shipping delays have become common in the last few years, BIOLabs Pro does its best to ensure the wholesale progesterone cream arrives on time. If your cart is empty, you may lose trust in our products. We guarantee the fastest shipping time possible when you order from us. 

Dedicated Account Manager

For all wholesale partnerships, you'll be assured of the best customer service. Each account comes with a dedicated account manager to answer questions, help with labeling, or anything you may need.

Positive Reviews

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Customer reviews are the best way to know we are achieving this goal. We are proud to say that we have hundreds of positive reviews about the quality and effectiveness of our products. Our progesterone creams consistently receive high accolades, and we love sharing this without wholesale partnerships. 

Benefits of Progesterone Creams 

Progesterone is a female sex hormone integral for both men and women. However, for women, it plays a more profound role. Along with estrogen, it ensures menstrual cycle regulation, positive fertility outcomes, and bone and cardiovascular health (among other functions). 

Yet if you have less progesterone than you need, you can have a hormonal imbalance. When this happens, a lot of painful symptoms can occur. This can happen to women more than men. For women, it's usually when they enter menopause. Menopause, on average, begins when a woman reaches her early 50s. 

Although it can happen much early for some women, the severity of the symptoms can vary. Regardless of how much low progesterone affects women, the typical signs include the following: 

  • Mood swings
  • Hot flashes
  • Insomnia
  • Night sweats
  • Dry skin
  • Weight gain
  • Low sex drive
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Lethargic

Progesterone creams can help ease these painful symptoms. Topical creams are fast-acting, skin-soothing, and available without a prescription. 

Why Choose BIOLabs Pro?

In a nutshell, purchasing wholesale progesterone cream from BIOLabs Pro is smart for the following reasons:

  • Highest-quality ingredients
  • Manufactured in an FDA-approved facility
  • Wide-selection of progesterone choices
  • Excellent customer service
  • Maximum strength doses
  • Fast shipping
  • Private label options 

Questions? Ask the Progesterone Cream Experts at BIOLabs PRO®.

We'd love to help answer any questions. So get in touch with us today to find out more about why wholesale progesterone cream can help you grow your business.