Supplement Manufacturers

February 02, 2022

Supplement Manufacturers

Supplement manufacturers collaborate with entrepreneurs to create lines of branded products for everything from dietary to bodybuilding supplements. The process of manufacturing a superior supplement from beginning to end takes many steps and many skilled chemists and experts along the way. This is why finding the proper supplement manufacturer with the right experiences and standards is key to success. 

What Is the Process of Manufacturing Health Supplements?

Dietary supplement manufacturers have a simple yet detailed process of producing supplement brands. Below are some key considerations when bringing nutritional supplements to the market. 

Specialized Equipment

Supplement manufacturers need the right equipment to produce contract manufacturing or a custom supplement. For example, making a capsule tablet or gummy vitamin may require specialized equipment run by trained technicians. 

In addition, powder manufacturing is different from capsule manufacturing, so the supplement manufacturer needs to have all the proper equipment to produce high-quality supplements. Also, the operators of the equipment need to be trained and adhere to strict safety standards.

Raw Materials & Formula

Along with specialized equipment, the supplement manufacturer looks at the type of raw materials needed in the custom formula. For example, do protein supplements use plant-based or animal byproducts? 

Do the supplements add preservatives and are more synthetically based? Will there be additional additives? All of these considerations are important for the entrepreneur but also for the supplement manufacturer. 

Finding and Purchasing Ingredients

Once the right custom formula and equipment are in place, the customized manufacturing process needs to find and purchase ingredients. Some ingredients may be harder to find or take longer to ship. Others may be readily available and easy to secure. All of these factors have to do with the formula itself and can change ingredient choices depending on availability and cost. 


Once the raw materials and manufacturing process is in place, looking at the overall cost of producing the supplement products occurs. Entrepreneurs need to know how much it costs to deliver the product and the market value of that supplement. Cost considerations should also look at the packaging, marketing, and shipping costs when determining the profit margins. 


When manufacturing a product, especially a health product, certifications are essential for consumer confidence. For example, is the product vegan or dairy-free? Is it certified organic?

What kind of certifications does the manufacturer have? For example, are they produced in an FDA-certified lab? So, what kind of certificates will the product have on the label, and what kind of certifications the manufacturer has is something to look at in the supplement process. 

How To Choose a Supplement Manufacturer?

Now that you have an understanding of the manufacturing process let’s look at how to choose a vitamin manufacturer or supplement manufacturer in more detail.

Quality of Products

All products in the health and wellness arena, from sports nutrition to probiotic supplements, need to look at the overall product quality from the manufacturer. Review their stock products in detail to analyze the ingredients and ask questions about the process. 

BIOLabs Pro only manufactures the highest-quality products based on customer specifications while meeting good manufacturing standards. Therefore, it’s crucial to partner with a manufacturer that understands the process inside and out and commits to quality. 

Manufactured In A Top-Notch Facility

When choosing a manufacturer of a private label is best if the products manufactured come from an FDA-registered facility. This is the only way to ensure the manufacturing capabilities meet US standards. FDA-approved facilities have to meet federal requirements for safety. All BIOLabs Prog label supplements are produced in an FDA-approved facility in the US. We take quality seriously and feel proud to be American-made. 

Premium Customer Service

Industry insights show that a custom supplement manufacturer should provide dedicated customer service. When you choose a private label product, the customer service should meet all your standards, have excellent response time, solve problems, and offer support as needed. 

Offers Private Labelling

Selling health and wellness products with someone else’s name on it may not fit your business or clients. In this case, using a private label supplement is the answer. A private label product means you use a custom formula manufactured by another company, but the product comes with your labeling and packaging. 

A private label manufacturer, such as BIOLabs Pro, offers turnkey support and packaging design. We’ll work with you to customize label design, packaging design, and printing. We offer low minimums at affordable prices. 

Range of Supplement Product Lines

Supplement manufacturers offer different product lines, from soft gels to tablet manufacturing. The best supplementation method is transdermal or topical creams in the hormone creams industry. BIOLabs Pro specializes in a wide range of hormone and pain creams for men and women. Below is a sampling of our distinct product lines. 

  • Estrogen creams
  • Testosterone creams
  • Progesterone creams
  • DHEA creams
  • Vitamin D creams
  • Pregnenolone creams

Whether it’s menopausal or athletic support, we have advanced range formulas at maximum absorption. All of the raw materials are natural and come without preservatives and harsh chemicals. When choosing a supplement manufacturer, you want one that can grow with your business and offer multiple choices for your customers. 

Outstanding Pricing

Choose private label supplement manufacturing from a company that offers competitive pricing. For example, BIOLabs Pro can offer discounts on bulk orders of 10+ items. You can also choose from various product lines depending on the need. 

In addition, a wholesale partnership is possible for all bigger orders with even further discounts for long-term commitments. Each wholesale collaboration comes with a dedicated account representative to ensure every customer is satisfied. 

What Sets BIOLabs Pro Apart?

Health products and nutritional manufacturing are seeing unprecedented growth. It’s time to take advantage of this growing need by choosing a company you can trust. Our goal is to provide the best possible nutritional manufacturing that adheres to strict quality control. 

What sets us apart is that we understand supplement manufacturing and can offer our expertise to help grow your business. Call us today for a custom quote and find out why we are a leader in the health and wellness industry.