Private Label Progesterone Cream

July 20, 2022

Private Label Progesterone Cream

Bioidentical progesterone is hormone therapy for people with low progesterone. BIOLabs Pro offers natural hormone therapy to help boost levels through progesterone creams. But sometimes, doctor's offices, and health care providers want to provide bioidentical hormones to their customers or clients. One way to do this is to offer private label progesterone cream. 

Benefits of Private Label Progesterone Creams 

Offering private label progesterone creams have a few different benefits for providers. First, you can become part of our affiliate program and earn a commission for every topical progesterone cream sold. You can also add a customized label to our proven effective formula. Below are some benefits of why adding a private label boosts sales. 

Become a Marketplace Leader 

Becoming a leader in a marketplace takes time and an outstanding product. BIOLabs Pro has invested time and money to develop its bioidentical progesterone creams. Adding a private label to a product with your business's name on it allows you to become a leader in hormone creams. We pass on our success. 

Label Customization Made Easy 

Designing and printing a private label is easier than you think. BIOLabs Pro works with you to create the label by following your brand specifications to ensure the final product meets your specifications exactly.

We can add your logo, name, and other bioidentical progesterone cream information to your product. The result is a private label progesterone cream you're proud of and can start selling immediately. 

Customized Progesterone Formula 

All of our progesterone creams have the possibility of having a custom formula. For example, we can turn a progesterone cream into a relief cream, balance cream, or even a progesterone skincare line. As a progesterone cream manufacturer, we have the expertise to customize a progesterone formula to fit your needs. 

Contract manufacturing helps you further design a unique, targeted, and specific private label progesterone USP cream. We work with you from the beginning to the end of the process. 

Purest Possible Ingredients

Our bioidentical progesterone creams have the most natural ingredients possible. We only add plant-based ingredients, such as wild yam extract, acai berries, milk thistle, and other components to our micronized progesterone. Unnatural creams come with chemicals and fillers. 

We also use caprylic capric triglycerides as a binding agent in our wild yam progesterone creams. It works as a natural preservative that keeps the creams fresher longer. Other progesterone creams use synthetic ingredients. So when you choose BIOLabs Pro, you work with the highest quality progesterone possible. 

Wide Selection of Private Label Progesterone 

Our featured products come in many different choices, from the amount of the dose to bottle size. You can choose to offer one particular kind of progesterone or mix and match between different ones. In addition, you can also white label other topical creams like vitamin D3 or DHEA, for example. Each of our progesterone creams helps alleviate the symptoms of low progesterone and comes in the following choices: 

  • BIOLabs PRO® P75 Maxx with Retinol - All Natural Progest 75mg Cream™ 
  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Progesterone P50 Maxx Cream 3.6oz
  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Progesterone P50 Maxx Cream 
  • BIOLabs PRO® Natural Progest Cream P75 MAXX (Lavender)
  • BIOLabs PRO® Natural Progest 25mg Cream

Our entire progesterone line is created for maximum absorption and applied directly to the skin's surface. 

Manufactured in an FDA-Approved Facility 

Not every country has the same standards. For this reason, we only manufacture our progesterone products in a GMP, certified Kosher, and FDA-approved facility.

Therefore, you can be rest assured that made in America means the highest quality and standards are achieved and followed. Our facilities are inspected to ensure quality control, and we make every effort to always meet our goals. 

Professional Strength Progesterone 

We only offer bioidentical hormones that come in professional strength without needing a prescription. For this reason, we also provide different doses for those with additional needs. Topical creams have faster absorption as well, making that professional dose count. 

Easy-to-apply Formula

Topical creams are applied directly to the skin. They have essential oils and other natural ingredients like aloe vera, seed extract, and coconut oil in the formula to make the progesterone easier to apply. 

All of which ensure skin health and make the formula creamy without drying the skin. The progesterone cream soaks nicely into the skin and infuses the blood vessels with the hormone. 

Reliable and Fast Shipping 

Shipping concerns have become commonplace in the last few years due to the pandemic and other supply issues. We strive for the fastest shipping for all the products in the cart. 

We can ship your shopping cart items to Phoenix, AZ, or any other location within days. Of course, it will depend on how much and fast you need it. But we communicate with you every step of the way. 

Responsive Account Manager

For all private label progesterone cream partnerships, we provide excellent customer care. Each account comes with a responsive account manager that works with you to create and print a private label progesterone cream. In addition, we can communicate by email, phone, or online, whatever is most convenient for you. 

Positive Reviews

The surest way to know if a progesterone cream is good is through the reviews. BIOLabs Pro creams come with tons of positive reviews from actual users who love our products. We value their feedback and know that this helps us grow our business. Adding a private label to our progesterone creams helps pass these positive reviews to your organization.

Questions? Ask the Progesterone Cream Experts at BIOLabs PRO®.

We are here to answer your questions and would love to get to know your business better. Get in touch with us today to find out why a private label progesterone cream is the answer for all your customers. As a leader in the industry, we understand how important it is to provide the highest quality progesterone products. So get in touch with us!