Private Label Bioidentical Hormones

April 11, 2022

Private Label Bioidentical Hormones

Private label bioidentical hormones elevate your business to the next level. Providing hormone therapy products with your logo and branding makes you an expert in hormone therapy and will help you increase sales. But, before we jump into the benefits a little deeper, let’s look closer at bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and private labels and why they work well together.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are best known for treating menopausal symptoms. Bioidentical means natural hormones through different sources such as wild yams. Other types of hormone sources for traditional hormones are man-made and come from animal sources (horse urine). Some bioidentical compound products are only available with a prescription by a healthcare provider at a compounding pharmacy. 

The American College of Obstetricians states that bioidentical hormone preparations can help improve hormone levels. Adding back the missing sex hormones can relieve everything from fatigue to insomnia.

Types of Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are available in different kinds. For example, BIOLabs Pro offers a wide selection of performance creams in the following hormones:

  • Estrogen 
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Vitamin D
  • DHEA
  • Pregnenolone
  • Pain relief creams

Each hormone helps with different health concerns. For example, estrogen and progesterone are popular to treat menopausal symptoms, while testosterone is a standard treatment to help build muscle strength and boost sex drive. 

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of using bioidentical hormones are vast and are health issues specific. But, in general, they can alleviate a wide range of problems. The North American Menopause Society goes over the benefits of bioidentical progesterone and estrogen to treat menopausal symptoms. 

Menopause causes different health issues, such as night sweats, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and more. Using hormone products like estrogen or progesterone cream can help alleviate these symptoms for perimenopause, menopausal, and postmenopausal women. 

Bioidentical hormone creams are also widely used, available, and inexpensive. They are also proven effective and necessary for people to live full lives without dealing with so many uncomfortable symptoms.

What Are the Side Effects?

With any kind of health supplement, there are always risks and benefits associated with taking it. For hormone preparations, in recent years, the increased risks for postmenopausal hormone therapies have been reduced. However, in the controlled trials for the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), the published findings seemed to show an increased cancer risk and other health concerns. 

After further review, this slightly elevated risk only applied to women 10 years past menopause. Menopausal hormone therapy was safe and effective for younger women when used correctly and for the short term. And even for women 10 plus years past menopause, the risk, and the benefits need to be weighed to see if hormone replacement was the right choice regardless of the risks. 

Men and women can have some side effects. Users need to discuss this with their healthcare provider to have hormone testing before supplementaton. 

What Is a Private Label?

Bioidentical hormone therapy from any company or office can use BIOLabs Pro custom formulas with professional labeling called a private label. You can purchase the wholesale bioidentical hormones from BIOLab Pro, and we’ll help you design and print labels for your hormone offerings and help you make them commercially available. As a result, your customers will perceive the product as your own. 

What to look for in a private label manufacturer?

When choosing a private label bioidentical hormone manufacturer, it’s essential to select one with a track record of success, proven products, and the proper pricing.


BIOLabs Pro offers customization for all its bioidentical hormone replacement private labels. We will work with you to create a professionally designed label with your specific logo, font, and style. It will look and feel like your product. 


Bioidentical HT doesn’t have to break the bank. The company that creates your private label should offer you a discount when ordering bioidentical hormone creams with private labels in bulk. When you partner with BIOLabs Pro, we can offer discounted pricing for larger orders. You can also mix and match between product lines. 

Professional Formula 

The bioidentical creams should offer safety and efficacy with their hormone offerings at prescription level doses. BIOLabs Pro sells the best hormone cream on the market in professional strength doses that beat the competition. 

We can also help you create a custom compounded bioidentical with your unique formula. For example, a compounded bioidentical menopause hormone therapy cream for your clientele. 

Quality of Ingredients

Bioidentical hormone therapy can have a wide range of natural and unnatural ingredients. Therefore, the package insert should list all the hormone ingredients. BIOLabs Pro only infuses natural hormone ingredients, such as herbs and essential oils, into each formula. There are no fillers or preservatives. The outcome is a non-greasy cream that nourishes the skin and boosts hormone levels naturally. 

Delivery Method

Tablets, pills, and inserts do have their benefits, but aren’t the best way to supplement with bioidentical hormones. BIOLabs Pro offers the highest quality topical creams that use a transdermal method of supplementation. The patient rubs a small amount on the skin and the epidermis soaks up the ingredients and transfers them to the bloodstream and awaiting hormone receptors. 

Outsourcing Facility

Where the bioidentical hormone creams are produced matters. All BIOLabs Pro hormone creams come from a facility approved by the FDA. All FDA-approved hormone facilities adhere to the highest standards, so you know you can trust the process. 

Track Record of Success

Companies offering HT for menopausal symptoms and other bioidenticals should be able to show a track record of success. For example, BIOLabs Pro leads the way in compounded hormones and has reviews to back it up. 

Types of Hormone Offerings

Choose a private label bioidentical hormone manufacturer that offers your customers a wide range of hormone replacement therapy products. You only have to work with one company and take advantage of bulk pricing. For example, BIOLabs Pro offers everything from bioidentical estrogens to estrogen plus progestin. Also, check out their entire line of professional strength topical creams. 

Time to Get Started

Compounded hormones and replacement therapy offer men and women pain management and hormone boosting powers. In addition, BIOLabs Pro offers private label bioidentical hormones for all partners. Get in touch with us today to find out more.