Estrogen Cream Manufacturing

January 28, 2022

Estrogen Cream Manufacturing

Are you looking for an estrogen cream manufacturer that provides the highest quality estrogen creams? BioLabs Pro is an industry leader, offering high-performance creams directly to healthcare professionals at affordable prices. 

Doctor offices worldwide prescribe estrogen creams to eligible patients due to menopause and other health concerns related to low estrogen. However, sometimes insurance plans won't cover certain estrogen vaginal creams or other estrogen products, and doctors need an alternative that works. BioLabs Pro is here to help. 

Best Performance Creams On the Market

The founder and CEO of BioLabs Pro, Matt Skamser, started the company after struggling for years with low hormones. He tried multiple brand names and generic versions of products, and his chronic symptoms persisted. Finally, he realized that he needed to manufacture a hormone cream that worked for his body and others as well. 

After years of research, he created a high-quality DHEA cream. Once he saw the success of this product, he decided to develop estrogen creams to help treat moderate to severe low estrogen symptoms for peri-menopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal women. 

Most estrogen options available at participating pharmacies came in a vaginal cream or tablet form. However, some women don't respond well to estrogen vaginal creams or tablets and need a transdermal cream applied directly to the skin. The BioLab Pros topical estrogen creams are top of the line and proven to help ease the symptoms of low estrogen. 

Wide-variety of choices

BIOLabs Pro offers five different estro creams and two combination creams with estrogen plus progestin. 

Estro Cream Offerings

  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Bioidentical Estro Bi-EST 2.5 is a professional strength estrogen product formulated with estradiol and estriol. The estrogen cream has 2.5 mg bioidentical estrogen per pump.

  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Bioidentical Estro Bi-EST 5.0: This is also a professional strength product created with estradiol and estriol, but the dosage form is more potent at 5000 mcg per pump.

  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Bioidentical Estriol 5.0: Another good option for those looking for a professional strength estrogen product formulated with estriol. Each dose is 5000 mcg and formulated for maximum absorption.

  • BIOLabs Pro All Natural Estriol Cream 3.6oz: This option comes in maximum strength of 5000 mcg of estriol per pump, but in a larger designer bottle with a precision pumping system. 

Combination Cream Offerings

Women suffering from menopausal symptoms sometimes need combination bioidentical hormone therapy using both estrogen and progesterone. This is because both female sex hormones work together for total hormone therapy. 

  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Serenity Cream: This hormone cream combines estriol and progesterone. It also is infused with vitamin D to help support healthy bones.

  • BIOLabs PRO All Natural Balance PLUS Cream. It's a maximum strength four-in-one combo cream with pharmaceutical-grade estriol, estradiol, progesterone, and DHEA.

The correct estrogen cream depends on the patient's information and health concerns. But each BIOLabs Prog estrogen creams are manufactured with the highest-quality ingredients. 

Benefits for Doctors & Patients

Besides being the best estrogen cream manufacturer on the market, the BIOLabs Pro creams offer additional benefits for patients. The topical estrogen creams are available without a private insurance plan or worrying about getting a prescription filled. In addition, all the drug information and ingredients are clearly listed, making it easy for patients to understand what they are taking. 

All-natural Ingredients

BIOLabs Pro manufactures estrogen creams with all-natural ingredients. We don't add parabens, fillers, or harmful preservatives. All the safety information and indications are on the label.  

Other estrogen manufacturers use Premarin conjugated estrogens from horse urine and other synthesized sources. The BioLabs Pro estrogen creams can help with moderate to severe menopausal symptoms using plant-based ingredients that work. 

Made In the U.S.

All BIOLabs Pro creams are manufactured in an FDA-approved kosher facility in the U.S. The facility is top of the line with a proven track record of producing products with specific requirements and meeting these guidelines. Over the years, we've learned how to create excellent estrogen creams in the United States better than the competition. 

Affordable Prices

Prescription medications, vitamins, and other supplements can be expensive. So we decided to keep our prices affordable. As a result, doctors can offer our estrogen creams to cash-paying patients without private insurance or those on assistance programs at prices that beat the competition and are affordable without cutting on quality. 

We can beat or match the competition in wholesale pricing. So it's worth getting in touch to get a quote on our top-of-the-line estrogen hormone creams. 

Discount Pricing for Wholesale Partnerships

BIOLab Pros offers discounted pricing for wholesale authorized distributors who buy in bulk. Becoming a wholesaler means maximum savings and a symbiotic relationship. We understand the estrogen manufacturing industry and pass this expertise to our partners. Plus, a lower price means increased revenue for your office or business. 

Options for Private Labelling

Wholesale customers have the option of taking advantage of our customized approach. BIOLabs Pro offers private labels with personalized branding for all our hormone productions, allowing customers to take advantage of our all-natural products and present themselves as industry leaders. 

We can collaborate with you from start to finish by helping you design the logo, branding, and printing. Private labels help increase sales and help you sell more creams. Product labeling includes brand names, warning and patient information, and takes into account different rules and regulations for labeling in different countries. 

Fast Customer Support & Shipping

Partnering with BIOLabs Pro means excellent customer services and convenient shipping. We work with each customer to ensure estrogen creams arrive on time. Unfortunately, shipping delays have been common since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we make every effort to deliver as promised on time. 

Questions? Ask the Experts at BIOLabs PRO®.

We'd love to speak more with you about our estrogen manufacturing if you're a healthcare provider or business owner. We offer the purest estrogen creams on the market at affordable prices. Get in touch to learn more about why we are the right choice for your patients and customers.