Why Becoming a BIOLabs PRO Affiliate Can Be So Beneficial

May 24, 2021

Why Becoming a BIOLabs PRO Affiliate Can Be So Beneficial

Interested in becoming a BIOLabs PRO® affiliate and wondering why it can be so beneficial? You’re in the right place, and here’s why partnering with us will drive revenue and boost profits.

Highest Quality Products On the Market

The first step in any new business venture is to look at the quality of the products. If the quality isn’t there from the get-go, it won’t matter what your price point is in the first place. 

BIOLabs PRO® is in the business of providing smarter health and aging. The only way to achieve this aim is to have products made with the best possible ingredients. We offer a complete range of hormone creams, proven to help men and women with diverse health concerns. 

BIOLabs PRO® topical creams come from FDA-approved facilities and are made in the United States. The lab technicians have over 100+ years of experience manufacturing bioidentical hormone supplements. They believe in delivering a good manufacturing process (GMP) to the highest level. 

The end result is an affordable and effective product that are changing the supplement industry. All of which increases profits for BIOLabs PRO® affiliates.

Discount Pricing For Our Best Partners

We follow a simple principle— the more you believe in us, the more we believe in you. This belief results in fair wholesale pricing for all affiliates. For all Wholesale Partnerships, we provide a 20% discount on bulk orders. 

When you order 10+ BIOLabs PRO® products, you receive a dedicated promo code each time you purchase. Plus, you can mix and match between hormone creams. For larger orders of 100+, we can offer a customized branding approach and further discounted pricing. All of which increases your profits.

Private Labels Make Your Brand Unique

We’ve built a strong reputation, and our affiliates benefit from this success. But sometimes, businesses, websites, and doctors want to sell our hormone cream line with their own private label. 

We understand that you have a reputation as well. All BIOLabs PRO® affiliates have the opportunity of using a private label on our products. Your customers receive the same high-quality hormone creams but with your brand logo and information. 

The customized-brand approach is proven to be successful, and we work with you every step of the way to choose the bottle, colors, and logo for your customers.

Continuous Brand Support

BIOLabs PRO® knows what it takes to run a successful business. Once you’re an affiliate, we work with you every step of the way to grow your company and increase revenue. 

We do this through excellent customer service, a dedicated team, and offering the best hormone creams on the market. Once you’re an affiliate, you become a part of the family. 

Questions? Ask the Experts at BIOLabs PRO®.

Are you ready to become an affiliate but have some questions? We offer in-depth sales consultations by trained staff that make it their mission to understand what you need and how BIOLabs PRO® can help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with us today.