What is Pregnenolone Cream Used For?

November 19, 2021

What is Pregnenolone Cream Used For?

Pregnenolone, commonly referred to as the mother of all hormones, has a profound effect on your body. The reason is that it's a foundation or precursor hormone, and parts of the molecule convert to other essential steroid hormones in the body. But as you age pregnenolone levels decrease naturally, and it may become necessary to use a pregnenolone cream.

Pregnenolone is produced in the adrenal glands (located above the kidneys) and, if not functioning correctly, can generate less of the hormone. When this happens, you can use a pregnenolone cream to treat a few different health concerns.

What is Pregnenolone Cream?

Pregnenolone creams are transdermal dietary supplements available over the counter without a prescription—transdermal means taking the cream and applying it to the skin once a day. Pregnenolone creams usually come in a bottle that uses a pump system. 

You press down on the top, and the exact amount of cream comes out for application. This way, you never use more than the allotted dosage. Topical applications are far more efficient and effective than taking a pill. Creams bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream. Your blood transports the hormone to awaiting receptors in organs and your brain. 

Natural pregnenolone creams come from natural ingredients, such as wild yams. Wild yams synthesized into pregnenolone mimic the compound produced in the body. Some bioidentical pharmacies can make customized dosages and prescriptions for individuals. 

What is Pregnenolone Cream Used For? 

Doctors and healthcare professionals recommend pregnenolone to help with many health problems, from balancing hormones to aiding weight loss. Below are the main reasons men and women use pregnenolone creams. 

Improves Cognitive Function 

Your brain health is extremely important, and everyone loves to talk about how aging reduces brainpower. Research is now coming out that brainpower decay can be age-related but also come from not continuously challenging your brain. One supplement that affects the brain positively is pregnenolone creams. The reason scientists think this happens is because it helps fix brain cell abnormalities in the brain. 

Brain abnormalities can result in serious diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. On a smaller scale, it leads to brain fog, difficulty thinking quickly, and memory issues. Pregnenolone creams can help improve age-related brain conditions. 

Lowers Inflammation

Pregnenolone has a profound effect on the immune system, and in particular how the immune system regulates inflammation. It's a natural anti-inflammatory that eases tight, inflamed skin at the source. The reason it works is that pregnenolone properties dissolve the proteins in the skin, causing painful inflammation. 

Tender red skin can come from different health conditions like eczema and psoriasis. They can flare up by a certain environmental factor or be ongoing and with no known cause. Inflamed skin can make life uncomfortable and related to more severe conditions, such as multiple sclerosis. 

Provides PMS Support

Premenstrual syndrome is a typical monthly occurrence for most women during their reproductive years. For some, PMS brings about severe inflammation (bloating), painful cramps, and tender breasts. It can also cause moodiness, tiredness, and depression. However, how it affects each woman varies, and some months symptoms are high and others non-existent. 

But what can help is a transdermal pregnenolone cream. Pregnenolone provides anti-inflammatory treatment for the nervous system, resulting in a reduction of PMS symptoms. 

Gives Hormonal Balance

Hormones are the secret messengers that circulate throughout your body. The importance can't be understated. But you take them for granted until they become out of whack. When this happens, you can experience painful symptoms. The signs of low hormones run the gamut from unexplained weight gain to severe mood swings. 

The most typical time for women to have hormonal concerns is during menopause. Before, during, and after menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels severely drop. Men can have hormonal imbalances as well, but these tend to be connected to low testosterone or DHEA. Low testosterone for men causes low libido, depression, and weak muscles. 

Some strong evidence shows that low hormone levels come from low pregnenolone. The reason goes back to the fact that pregnenolone converts to other hormones. For this reason, taking pregnenolone can provide balanced hormones naturally. 

Fights Depression

It's okay to feel sad from time to time. If you don't, then you're one of the lucky ones. But depression is a sustained sadness that affects mental health for days or weeks at a time. Unfortunately, for some, there seems to be no direct cause or way to alleviate the profound feeling that you're all alone. 

One of the most profound findings shows that pregnenolone supplementation can help with signs and symptoms of bipolar disorders and depression. Pregnenolone is a neurosteroid, and it can improve pathways in the brain that affect thoughts and activity. In addition, it can treat abnormal brain cells that affect mental health. 

Improves Sleep Quality

Your sleep quality impacts every part of your life, from work to relationships. But sleep deprivation can occur when our lives become too busy or have an enormous amount of stress. Another reason can be low pregnenolone. 

When we sleep, we do this according to circadian rhythms. We fall into a light sleep, which moves to deeper sleep, back to light rest, and so the cycle goes. But when you're in light sleep, the chances of waking up are stronger.

If this happens, some people have difficulty falling asleep again, reducing their deep sleep time. Evidence suggests that pregnenolone promotes a longer sleep cycle and helps prevent you from waking up. 

Promotes Weight Loss

The connection between hormone levels and weight loss is real. However, low hormone levels can make it harder to lose weight or gain weight without having made any significant lifestyle choices regarding diet and exercise. 

Pregnenolone helps boost metabolism by generating hormone production naturally. The reason has to do with pregnenolone being able to reduce cortisol. Cortisol is nicknamed the stress hormone and, in needed situations, helps you react swiftly to stressful or dangerous situations. But elevated levels over time lead to a constant state of stress. It's well-documented how stress can affect weight and wellbeing.

Provides Immune System Support

If your immune system is depleted, you are more susceptible to viruses and infections. Of course, the strength of your immune system can depend on daily habits and genetics. But other factors, such as low pregnenolone, can affect its robustness. The reason is that pregnenolone provides immune homeostasis.

These fancy words mean that it offers anti-inflammatory properties for cells in your body. This effect helps promote immune system function that can make the difference in how often you get sick or how long the recovery is for specific illnesses. 

The uses for pregnenolone cream can be everything from lowering inflammation to helping to boost low hormone levels. The mother of all hormones does help provide the protection you need. Just like any good mother would. Try pregnenolone creams to see what your body has been missing.