What Are the Benefits of Pregnenolone?

October 07, 2021

What Are the Benefits of Pregnenolone?

Are you looking for the benefits of pregnenolone? You're not alone. Many people have heard of pregnenolone and want to know if it's right for them. The truth is that pregnenolone has many powerful benefits and may be the supplement you need to boost cognitive health, fight depression, and encourage weight loss.

What is Pregnenolone?

Pregnenolone is a naturally occurring hormone steroid produced primarily in the adrenal glands, brain, and gonad. Your body takes cholesterol and converts some of it into pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is then used to make other essential hormones like dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and cortisol. 

All hormones are critical for your body, and levels of these substances naturally decrease as one age. So, since pregnenolone provides the foundation for these hormones, it can cause you to feel out of whack and need a boost.

What Are the Benefits of Pregnenolone?

It's a fact that hormones decrease as you age. It's also a fact that these mighty messengers affect every single part of your body in some state or form. By the time you reach middle age, the amount of pregnenolone can be reduced by almost 50%. So, if you put that into perspective, you can understand why pregnenolone has many benefits.

Improves Memory

Now, who wants to lose their memory? Well, memory can decline as you age or due to cognitive impairment. But you can improve your memory, and one way is with pregnenolone supplementation. 

Lots of drugs for dementia or Alzheimer's disease work by inhibiting the breakdown of acetylcholine. Pregnenolone may boost acetylcholine levels, which in turn can help improve cognitive function and memory. 

Encourages Weight Loss

The bulge is real for a lot of people. Most of the time, this has to do with diet and exercise. Other times, it has to do with hormone imbalance or low pregnenolone. Pregnenolone also has a direct effect on cortisol levels. 

Cortisol is a hormone commonly referred to as the stress hormone. Elevated levels can cause serious health concerns over the long term. Also, too much stress can result in weight gain. When more pregnenolone is available in the body, it helps reduce stress and belly fat.

Helps Cognitive Power

The power of the mind affects almost everything you accomplish. Loss of the ability to think comes from many sources, but one may be low hormones and pregnenolone. The reason for this is that pregnenolone can increase the production of neurons in the brain. 

More healthy neurons bouncing around improves memory and learning, according to research. So, if you're worried about your ability to think, try pregnenolone.

Reduces Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are severe mental health conditions that affect the young and old. They also have many ranges of effects on one's life, and each person experiences them differently. There are also many different treatments, from prescription drugs to therapy. But there may be a secret that people know about, and that's pregnenolone. 

Research shows that low pregnenolone is linked to feelings of sadness and unease. Some doctors use pregnenolone to help boost positive emotions and reduce negative thoughts and feelings. It also can help increase how one feels in social situations and reduce anxiety related to these areas.

Balances Hormones

Hormones are powerful messengers that help direct many bodily functions. When you're suffering from low levels, it can wreak havoc on the body. Low hormones come from different factors, but the biggest one is aging. 

Another reason may be due to low pregnenolone levels. Pregnenolone is a precursor hormone, meaning it builds other hormones. So, boosting pregnenolone levels naturally increases all levels of other hormones, making you feel balanced again.

Encourages Restful Slumber

Poor sleep has detrimental effects on your well-being. However, some studies show that pregnenolone helps improve sleep quality. In addition, researchers believe that pregnenolone encourages you to sleep longer and deeper. 

All of which has a positive effect on your mood and optimism. So, if you're struggling with insomnia, pregnenolone may help you take back control of your slumber.

Boosts Immunity

Having a robust immune system is critical for a healthy life. Research shows that pregnenolone can help boost immunity to help fight off diseases. 

Low levels can result in not only feeling sick but encourage other more dangerous diseases to develop. Pregnenolone works with your immune system to fortify its response to pathogens, reduce chronic pain, and improve immune response.

Fights Inflammation

In addition to developing other hormones and providing cognitive support, pregnenolone has a profound anti-inflammatory effect on the body. It acts as an anti-inflammatory molecule to provide immune homeostasis in different inflammatory states, including arthritis. 

It can help improve any inflammation connected to inflamed joints, skin, or any place inflammation occurs. Pregnenolone doesn't alleviate the pain but rather soothes the tightness and helps it recede.

Increases Motivation & Energy

Pregnenolone is a super hormone, and since it affects sleep, immunity, cognitive health, and so on, this leads to higher levels of energy. When you have optimal levels of pregnenolone, you can feel more alive and better able to take on challenges. 

Also, higher levels of energy increase productivity levels, and this is important for many people. Not to mention that feeling energized helps to alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety. 

Signs of Pregnenolone Deficiency

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize pregnenolone deficiency since symptoms can be linked to other conditions. However, there are some common signs, including the following: 

  • Muscle pains
  • Poor memory
  • Chronic illness
  • Chronic infection
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Dry skin
  • Low sexual response
  • Decreased cognitive abilities

If you suspect you have a pregnenolone deficiency, you should speak to your doctor. Of course, the best way to know is to have a blood test to determine levels. But you can also try a pregnenolone supplement.

Choosing the Right Supplement

Pregnenolone comes in pill or cream form. Creams are by far the best way to administer pregnenolone. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. It has tiny receptors that transmit the pregnenolone through the skin, directly to the bloodstream, where it's transported to the brain and adrenal glands. 

The BioLabs Pro all-natural pregnenolone cream comes in an easy-to-use pump system made in the United States. Isn't it time to feel great again? Give pregnenolone a try.