New Year Resolution Health Tips

January 08, 2021

New Year Resolution Health Tips

New Year Resolution Health Tips


Are you looking for healthy New Year's resolutions? We understand why. Health and wellness are essential all year long, but it's time for a fresh start when the year changes. The problem is that it's hard to make resolutions stick.


This couldn't be more true for weight loss resolutions or ones involving physical activity. No worries, below are some New Year resolution health tips that are easy to follow for achieving your goals.


Reduce Stress

The number one cause of death for men and women in the United States is heart disease. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every 40 seconds, someone has a heart attack. While many factors affect your health when it comes to heart disease, one often overlooked contributor is stress.


Each person handles stress differently, and for some can result in some pretty severe health problems. You must determine what's causing you stress and find ways to reduce it. Less stress will help lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and generally bring on a sense of relief.


Quit Smoking

By now, most men and women know that smoking is terrible for your health. It affects everything from your bones to your lungs. Quitting smoking can be one of the most challenging things anyone does. Speak to your doctor about smoking cessation programs and other techniques for letting go of the habit.


Sometimes smokers don't tell their doctor about their smoking habit because they're worried they will “sell my personal information” to insurance companies. However, finding the help you need to quit smoking is one New Year's resolution you should keep.


Balance Hormones

Staying healthy has many factors, but one of them is hormones. The silent but powerful messages circulate throughout your body, affecting every crucial bodily function. If you have a hormonal imbalance, medically reviewed publications suggest supplementing with a hormone cream may help improve physical and mental health.


Women most commonly supplement with estrogen or progesterone cream to balance hormones during menopause. Men may need a testosterone or DHEA supplement to boost hormone production. Your healthcare provider can give you medical advice to determine which hormone supplement is right for you.


Drink More Water

If you look at Getty Images of people drinking water, they are always happy and healthy. The reason is that water is life, and drinking lots of it flushes your body with nutrients and helps eliminate toxins.


If you prefer soda or coffee over water, find ways to make it taste better. Some suggest water with lemon promotes hydration and is a good source of vitamin C while tasting refreshing. Make it a New Year's resolution to drink more water, and your health will thank you for it.


Get Regular Exercise

Okay, you've heard this before— find ways to get regular exercise. But this sage advice is accurate. Staying healthy means finding ways to move. But don't think you have to exercise for long periods or sweat copious amounts to benefit.


The NBC News article, 6 science-backed ways to see faster results from your workout routine, says that cutting down on the workout time but increasing the intensity is more effective. Instead of pounding the pavement for a long run, take 20 minutes each day to get your heart rate up.

Finding motivation for exercise can be hard. You can also reward yourself with workout clothes or other incentives for getting your steps in. The goal is to get moving anyway you can. 


Clean Out Your Diet

 Healthy eating can be a challenge for most people. Yet a healthier diet is probably one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and to lose weight.


Dropping just 5% of your body weight lowers cholesterol, helps control diabetes and generally makes you feel better about yourself. In the end, it's more than how you look, but how you think. Try to keep away from fad diets and focus on removing sugars and saturated fats.


When you're grocery shopping, choose a meal plan full of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Focusing on your food is one of the best new year resolution tips out there.


Make Space for Meditation

Research suggests that meditation is linked to increased happiness. Some cool apps now help with meditation and finding a quiet moment to yourself each day. 


Healthy aging means taking time to breathe and relax, and meditation may be the key to your health. Give it a try for a week or two and see just how much this health tip improves your life. 


Add Some Sunshine (Vitamin D)

While there's always going to be a list of the pros and cons of vitamin supplements for each person, there's a reason so many people take them— they can increase health and wellbeing.


Vitamin D is an incredible fat-soluble vitamin found in some foods but mostly created from sunshine, hence the nickname. Vitamin D has also gotten some attention from doctors lately because of the research that vitamin D may prevent Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.


A vitamin D deficiency may have an increased risk of developing a poor immune system. Vitamin D creams are a natural way to increase levels safely.


Make Sleep a Priority

Healthy living means getting a good night's sleep. One New Year's Resolution should be exploring the health benefits of regular sleep. If you're having a hard time getting the sleep you deserve, try melatonin cream with essential oils. Each night, about an hour before bed, gently rub the prescribed amount in the thinner layers of your skin. The inside of the thighs, wrists, or neck are good places. 


As the sun goes down, your body produces more melatonin to trigger it's time to sleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone generated in the body to regulate sleep cycles.


If you add a small amount to what's produced, it induces relaxation and calmness throughout your body and mind. It helps reduce anxiety and allows your troubles to disappear, all of which encourage sleep. You can become deficient, or if your sleep cycle is off, melatonin can help put you back on track.



Keeping New Year's resolutions can be tricky, but your overall health depends on it. Your loved ones want you healthy and happy.